Why Buy Acme?


Reasons To Buy An Acme Furnace

Outside wood heat is safer than an Indoor Wood Burning Stove or Fireplace.

Save money in the winter by avoiding those high heating bills.

You can place the furnace close to the wood.

It won’t dry out your sinuses like gas or electric heat or indoor wood heating.

Less mess! NO bugs, ashes and smoke in your house.

You use your existing forced air, hydronic or boiler system  to circulate the heat.

If it needs heat we will find a way! We have furnaces heating most anything that requires heat. Homes, Shops, Commercial Buildings, Floors, Domestic Water, Pools, Hot Tubs, Green Houses, Drives, Kennels, Barns and more…

Our Outdoor Hot Water/Boiler Furnaces conserves your wood! Acme Furnaces easliy get more burn time and more BTU’s for the money then any other, 12-14 hours in the Coldest Weather.

You can burn larger pieces of wood in Our Acme Furnaces due to the massive  36″x 34″ Firebox and 18″ x 18″ Doors. Our Big 735 Commercial Unit can handle a full size wooden pallet! Most of our competitors furnaces will fit inside Our 735 Model and Never give you the 735,000 BTU’s for the same Price.

hooking furnace up to laod 2
We lift Our Furnaces by the chimney to load and unload!

Try that with the competitor’s furnace…

When you buy an Acme Furnace you get more!


Our Firebox thickness is 3/8″ rolled plate; not 1/4″ or less

Our Water Jackets are 10 gauge, twice as thick as others

Acme Furnaces are 235 gallons, 340 gallons or 735 gallons making them the largest for the money on the market

We Insulate our furnaces Front, Back and Bottom with 6 inches of insulation and the Top with 12 inches, then we add another layer of protective insulation to insure the least amount of heat loss

We have a Separate door for the most efficient and easiest ash removal. No need to let the fire burn down to remove the ashes!

Our competitors use a flimsy light flew pipe that will burn out in the first year. Not us! We use 1/2″ wall Chimney pipe, compare that to any on the market..

Acme Furnace uses a thermostat controlled blower that blows up through the bottom and in to the firebox like a Blacksmith Forge, for a forced air draft. Not through the door and over the top of the fire or even worse a “natural” draft that takes forever to react when you need it.

There are many colors to choose from, we have almost any color combination you need to match your surroundings or to make a color statement. With Acme Furnaces you pick your Siding color, Roof color and your Trim color! They can all be the same or any combination!

Your Acme Furnace is Built Ready to use with 1 Pump, 2 ports (more available at no charge) 1 Blower, 1 thermostat, 1 Blower controll unit with a solenoid controll. Ready to Go for the Price we Advertise! Model 235 $4500 + shipping, Model 340 $5400+ Shipping and Model 735 $9150.00+ shipping.

Additional Options and accessories are available sidearms, piping, coils, boiler treatment, heat exchangers, larger pumps, coal shaker grates , leg extentions, solar (off season) boiler water heaters and more…

Before you choose one of our competitors make sure their furnace is Ready to hook up like an Acme Furnace I’ll bet you’ll be suprised!

Acme Furnace Company understands that we build Furnaces with the Working Man/Women in mind.  No bells and whistles to cause unneccessary problems. Just a good looking, easy to maintain, well build furnace that will work as hard as you do and save you your hard earned money while doing it!

***Best Reason Yet!!***

 *** Acme Furnace Company Stands Behind Our Product!***

***Most of Our Competitors only offer 5 years of total warranty.***

***Acme Furnace Company has a 20 year Burn Out Warranty with an 

ON SITE Warranty Service for the first 5 years!***

Acme 735

Call Us With Any Questions You Might Have! 660-699-3845


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