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Acme Furnace Model 235

Only $4500.00 (plus Shipping)

Heats 5500 Sq. ft. calculated on 8ft. ceilings


235,000 BTU to be divided to supply your heat exchangers!

Darla 235 at home

Acme 235 White and Brown

235 Model measures 5′ x 6′ x 8′  weighs 1800 lb. before water


Acme Furnace 340

Only $5400 (plus Shipping)

Heats 8500 Sq. ft. calculated on 8ft ceilings


340,000 BTU to be divided to supply your heat exchangers!


340 Model measures 85″ x 5′ x 8′  weighs 2200 lb. before water


Acme Furnace 735

Only $9150.00 (plus shipping)

735,000 BTU for the Biggest of Jobs!

headed to the Fair with this 735

Acme 735 feartures an even Bigger Door!

735 side picture

Side view of our 735

735 Model measures 8′ x 8′ x 10′ weighs 5000 lb. before water


Be sure to include what color you want in your order

***Click on the Link below the Color Chart Picture

 for the Best View of this Color Chart***

Acme Color Chart



Heat Exchanger 

Picture 1 Heat exchanger

We have a wide variety of sizes available with the best prices around!

**NOTICE**Column “C” on the page below is the measurement of the distance of the 1″ copper intake and       return pipe at the top of the Heat Exchanger.

Sizes Available

Sizes Available

The Diagram below should help you measure for your          Heat Exchanger

“A” is the Length measurement “B” is the Width edge to edge “C” in this picture is the distance between the Heat Exchangers supply and return access. One inch top and bottom trim around the fins of the exchanger. 1/2″ Trim on the sides of the exchanger fins on the below diagram

exchanger diagram

Call or Email us for pricing!


Underground Piping

Badger 5 Wrap insulated pipe

Badger 5 Wrap insulated pipe .62 Temp. Loss Per 100ft.

Pex Roll

We make our own insulated piping here at Acme Furnace Company so we can fit your specific needs! Our pipe is sold to you by the foot. It’s ready to go with just the right combination of lines that you request, with or without electric line! Just trench the ditch and lay it in. Available with Pex heat exchanger lines and electric at $5.50 ft. or without electric $4.70 ft. + shipping



Coal Shaker Grate

shaker grate

Our shaker grate can be used for coal burning, wood or a comination of both!

Our shaker grate is all you need to burn coal in our furnaces just add it and your ready! Sale price $125.00 + shipping




Using a sidearm is a water to water heat exchanger on your hotwater heater to suppliment heating the water, you get a faster recovery time and save energy!

Inside View of a Sidearm

A view inside the sidearm! Your Outdoor Furnace water flows through the sidearm surrounds your domestic fresh water that is circulating in the small tubes and by contact heats the water in your hotwater tank.

Add one of our sidearms to your hot water heater and save even more on that heating bill! Sale Price $125.00 + shipping


Copper Water Coil

When building your Acme Furnace add on a Coil for domestic on demand hot water. These can be added after market also call us for details!

5/8" Copper Coil provides nver ending howater!

5/8″ Copper Coil provides nver ending howater!

Sale Price $ 125.00

(requires it’s own supply and return lines in your underground insulated pipe)


Boiler Treatment

A Must for ALL Outdoor Furnaces!!

A Must for ALL Outdoor Furnaces!!

We insist on using a boiler treatment in all our furnaces. Boiler Treatment protects the the system from harmful corrosion. We recommend a boiler treatment be used during the first fill (2 quarts on our 235 and 340 Models, 3-4 quarts in the 735 Model) and supplemented (1 quart 235 and 340 Models, 2 quarts on the 735 Model) Annually!  We do not want you having problem in just a few years with your boiler box leaking on the furnace. Us a treatment to protect it!  Your Warranty depends on it!

Sale Price $16.00 (quart) + shipping



(Blower damper door with solenoid)

Blower Control Hook up

Blower Flap with Solenoid

Blower Flap with Solenoid

Our Blower Control mounts right to your blower!

Our Blower Control mounts right to your blower!

A BlowerControl is now available for all Acme Furnaces previouly purchased!

We have begun adding Blower Control Units to all our Acme Furnace now. This damper door is operated by a solenoid that works with your themostat. Reduces creosote build up and takes the guessing work out of how to adjust the air flow on your blower. When the Thermostat decides it’s time to heat the water back to temperature the solenoid opens the door on the blower fan and stays open to get maximum air flow until the water reaches the desired temperature, the solenoid then closes the flap until the next time saving you wood and creating a hotter burn with the maximum air flow.

Sale Price $65.00 + shipping


Door Seal Repair


Find these Items at your Local Ace Hardware 3/8″ Fiberglass Rope and High Temp Silicone. Avoid High Temp Cement it gets brittle when exposed to this heat!


Magnetic Surface Mount Thermometer

Add this magnetic thermometer on the back of the furnace by the thermostat for a visual view of the boiler water temperature or we can mount it on the front for you!

Magnetic Thermometer

Sale Price $ 35.oo

Mounted on the front of the Furnace when ordering $50.00


Furnace Pump

Bell and Gossett NFR-25 3 speed pump. Your Acme Furnace comes with one pump if you need an second pump to heat another building or just want an extra. These pumps have a 3 year warranty.

Bell and Gossett

Sale Price $125.oo + Shipping


Furnace Blower

Acme Furnace Blower 3 year warranty.

Dayton T450 Blower

Dayton T450

Sale Price $ 78.00= shipping




Pickup or Delivery

Mr. and Mrs, Nierieter drove in from Indiana to pick up their Acme Furnace!

Mr. and Mrs, Nierieter drove in from Indiana to pick up their Acme Furnace!

We welcome you to pickup at our factory location so you can see the quality workmanship as they are built. There is a map with options of driving directions below.

3 stove on trailer

3 of Our 235 Models being Delivered

We can also arrange for the furnace to be shipped if needed!

You will be responsible to get the furnace off the truck when it arrives.

Furnances ready to ship

Lined Up at the Factory waiting for Our Frieght Hauler

Our Freight Shipping is quoted at

 .75 per loaded mile for 235 and 340 Models

$1.10 for the 735 Model

With a $250.00 minimum



A close estimate is to use google maps from Shelbina, MO to your Zip Code and multiple it by .75 or $1.10. You can always call us for quotes also!

If you have any questions please feel free to Call Us

660-699-3845 or email


We will be more than happy to help you anyway we can!



We accept payment via: Master Card, Visa, Debit Cards and Checks


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