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Charcoal and Black 735 with the all new Bigger Door and a Tan and Green 235

Charcoal and Black 735 with the all new Bigger Door 36′ x 44″
with a Tan and Green 235 Model that has an 18 x 18 opening.



Most companies DO NOT offer As thick of a Firebox, Color options, Extra insulation, 235 gallon Water Capacity, and a conservative 235,000 BTU’s OR 340 gallon and 340,000 BTU’s with a Separate Ash Removal Door, without making you up-size, if they even offer it at all.

For the First Time in 10+ Years of Building Our Furnaces we will be having a Price Increase of $300.00 Beginning JULY 1st 2018 on All Our Furnaces.
Our Acme 235 will raise from $4500.00 to $4800.00 Acme 340 from $5400.00 to $5700.00 and Our Acme 735 from $9150.00 to $9450.00
Get Your Orders in Before JULY 1st to Save!!

Acme furnace Model 235 $4500

 Parr's 235 Furnace

We make our 235 furnace that is compatible with most Household and Shop applications  5500 sq. ft calculated on 8 ft. ceilings. This Model has a 34 x 36 x 26 fire box and hold 235 gallons of water.

The 235 Furnace measures 5W x 6L x 8T and weighs 1800 lb. before water. There is a 10 inch tall ash compartment with a separate door for easy ash removal and a better burn. This model again will heat 5500 sq ft. so there is no need to up size to heat your home and shop/garage.

Acme Furnace Model 340 $5400

tan white 340

Next up is Our larger unit our 340 model that will heat large homes and large buildings 8500 sq ft. (calculated on 8 ft ceilings also). The Acme 340 has a 48 x 36 x 26 firebox with the 10 inch tall ash compartment and holds 340 gallons of water.

This unit measures 85″L X 5′ W X 8′ T  and weighs 2200 lb. before water  This Furnace is great for heating larger homes along with other out buildings or for commercial use.

Acme Furnace Model 735 $9150


Our Big 735 Model with two 235 Units

Our Big 735 Model with two 235 Units

This is Our largest unit the 735  Model it is used for Commercial buildings, warehouses and multi-home heating. Our 735 features a door that is a whopping 36″ x 44″ and Water Cooled..this door is big enough to fit a wood pallet in.  The firebox on the 735 measures 5 ft. deep and 5 ft. wide and is designed using 3/8″ steel, it measures 81″ W x 85″ L x 10’T  and weighs 5000 lb. before water. The 735 also has an ash compartment with separate door and a super heavy grates for a complete burn. We have also added  Dual blowers to create TURBULENCE for a hotter, more even burn. This unit has a heavy 3/16″ thick water jacket holding 735 gallons of water, producing up to 735,000 BTU. The water than completely surrounds the firebox and ash compartment to extract the most heat possible, it even surrounds the flue pipe. The flue pipe extends two feet down into the firebox in the back to hold the heat and gases for a total burn. The separate ash door makes ash removal a much easier task.


Over flow pipe out the back of the Acme Furnace close up

Over flow pipe out the back of the Acme Furnace close up

Our Furnaces are NOT Pressurized!! Each Furnace has an over flow pipe that extends out the back of the Furnace!

Back view of our boiler before the final piece is added to enclose it.

Back view of our boiler before the final piece is added to enclose it.

boiler under construction

closing in the boiler
WE USE 10 GUAGE STEEL for Our Water Jacket another Great Detail you get with Your Acme Furnace!

All of these features still allow us to keep our quality and our high standards.  We still concentrate on building the best, most reasonable priced furnace available. Compare prices and features before you purchase your furnace. What you want is a furnace that will last for years and be easy to maintain. We have that quality in our

Acme Furnaces!

3/8" rolled Steel for Our Firebox

3/8″ rolled Steel for Our Firebox

The magic of our welders begins!

The magic of our welders begins!

burner barrel read to enclose


Prime and Paint Time


Our furnaces also have a thermostat controlled draft blower that blows in from the back and through the ash pan under the fire not through the door and over the fire. We then double insulate the furnace and cover it with 40 year warranted steel siding and trim, and will build in almost any color. These furnaces are rated at 235,000 BTU and will heat 5500 sq.ft.in the very cold climate or 340,000 BTU and 8000 sq.ft.. They will heat your Home, Shop, Hot Water and your Hot-tub if you want. One pump is included but there are hookups for another and we will add more if needed. Just make sure to request more pumps to be added when placing your order! Our small furnace weighs 1800+ lbs. without the water. We have a 20 year burnout warranty and would be proud to show you the quality material and workmanship before you buy. With Acme Furnaces you can select your colors for the roof, siding and trim at no extra charge just let us know your selection when ordering!

Things to Compare When Looking For an Outdoor Furnace

Ours Furnaces have 6″ insulated sides, front,back and bottom. The top has 12″, PLUS the double bubble reflective covering we use also.. Not every company insulates the bottom.

insulation, pump and blower veiw

insulation, pump and blower veiw

Our Furnace are built with 2 Ports, one Pump, a Blower with NEW Blower Control, one Thermostat. More port can be added at no charge to fit your needs!

Our Furnace are built with 2 Ports, one Pump, a Blower with NEW Blower Control, one Thermostat.
More port can be added at no charge to fit your needs!

Ash Removal Made Easy

We have a 10″ tall compartment on the 235 &340 with grates to insure a total burn and ease of ash removal, no need to let the fire burn down and scoop to side to remove ash.

front w doors open

Greater Water Capacity

Our 235 Acme Furnaces  have a 235 gallon capacity giving you more BTUs for your money. Our 340 Furnace  340 gallons and the Acme 735 hold 735 gallons. A BTU is the amount of heat it takes to raise the temperature of a pound of water by one degree. BTU’s Explained
If you start with 55 degree water and you raise it to 180 degrees this is a 125 degree change.
Water weight 8 lbs. per gallon.

235 gal. x 8 lbs. = 1880 lbs.
1880 lbs. x 125 degrees = 235,000 BTUs
Don’t be fooled, this is a proven fact you would have to heat 100 gallons of water to 435 degrees to extract 300,000 BTUs. That’s not possible or even smart to try!
It Just Makes Sense
Wood is still the most renewable resource we have and the only one you can control the cost of.
A truck load of wood on average is equal to just over 100 gallon of propane when burnt through our controlled furnace meaning at today’s prices a truck load of wood is equal to $250-$350. Propane and Electric heat prices have no end in sight.
This alone will save much more than the price of the Furnace plus you heat your hot water for FREE saving you another $30-$60 per month.

Acme Furnace’s are an Easy Installation

Outside Back of the Acme Furnace

Picture of Wiring For Furnace

Inside the Home or Building with a Hotwater Sidearm

Basic design of how the system is connected

Basic design of how the system is connected

A Side arm is mounted on the side of your hotwater tank.

A Side arm is mounted on the side of your hotwater tank.

We recommend a seperate Heat Only Thermostat to Control Our Outdoor Furnace

Using the exisiting thermostat(4 wires) and then adding a second heat only thermostat (2 wires, power wire and fan wire)  connected so only the fan  comes on with use of your outdoor wood furnace. When the 2 wire thermostat determines it’s time too heat the building it calls for the fan to come on and distribute the hot air from the heat exchanger.

Add a Heat only Thermostat to control your Ourdoor Furnace

Add a Heat only Thermostat to control your Ourdoor Furnace

Our Furnaces can be installed by any Heat and Cooling Company or like minded person. Having a concrete pad for your furnace is recommended. Trenching from the furnace to the build for the pipe is usually done with a small bucket excavator or ditch witch,  digging down 30 to 36 inches is recommend. Connecting the heat exchangers and the lines to the back of the furnaces is where the Heating and Cooling folks come in. Just making sure to get your supply and return line hooked up properly to the pump. Thermostat temperature control is added to set your preference for room temperature just like your forced air unit. A fresh water supply is need to fill and replenish the boiler with water. This can be done with a separate line to supply the fresh refill water to the boiler or by putting “T’ with a valve in the return line to the furnace to supply water to your boiler.  If heating your shop/garage a heat exchanger can be boxed in with a squirrel cage with a thermostat and the result is very effective for a warm place to work without getting to fancy and expensive.

Where to Place Your Furnace

This furnace is set on a 10 x 10 Concrete Pad which leaves extra walking space around your furnace and room to stand on a solid area while adding wood!

This furnace is an Acme 235 set on a 10 x 10 x 3 Concrete Pad

back of my furnace

Our Blower Control mounts right to your blower!

Our Blower Control mounts right to your blower!

We recommend a concrete landing. This 235 Model is on a 10′ x 10′ x 3″ inch pad, it is positioned at the back of the slab where the piping comes out of the ground and connects to the Furnace using the back panel for access. We recommend at least a 5′ x 10′ for our customers, this allows you to stand on firm ground while loading your Acme Furnace. Distance from your structure may vary with Home Owners Insurance Policy. We recommend at least 25′ with the door facing away from the structure 40′-100′ is ideal.  Our pumps will handle a greater distance with consideration of the head lift. If the head lift is greater then 19′ we would most want to work with you and decide weather or not to  recommend a bigger pump and adjust the cost accordingly.

Trenching to lay Your Underground Insulated Pipe

Diging a trench for the pipe

So easy even the kids can help install your Outdoor Furnace!

Trench digging can be done with a ditch witch, small bucket excavator or even by hand in some cases. We recommend your underground piping be at the same depth as recommended for water lines in your area. In this picture  the ditch is 30-36 inches.

Hot Water Coil

If needed we can install 50′ of 5/8 copper coil in your furnace to heat your Hot Tub, Pool or if you don’t want to use a Side-Arm heat exchanger for the hot water you can use the Domestic coil for this also. The Hot Water Coil (50 ft. of 5/8″)  and fittings are an additional $125 and must be added at the time you place your order.


5/8" Copper Coil used for ondemand hot water.

5/8″ Copper Coil used for ondemand hot water.


Acme Furnaces Are Built To Last

Acme Furnaces are built using 3/8 rolled plate steel for the Strongest firebox on the market. 10 Gurage Steel on the Water Jacket  this makes it easy for Acme Furnace Company to offers a 20 year burn out Warranty. 100% 5 Year on Site repair! We come to you at NO Charge! Another Original Idea Acme Furnace Offers!

We offer the ash grates and a separate door for superior burn and ease of ash removal. Our forced air draft blower, installed in the bottom of the burn barrel at the back of the Furnace, blows the air up under the firebox for efficient and total burn control.
All our furnaces are leak tested, double insulated, and then covered with 40 year maintenance free steel siding for a long lasting high quality furnace like No other on the market!
Acme Furnaces weigh in at a whopping 1800+ lbs. for a Model 235, 2200+ lbs. for the Model 340 and 5000+ lbs on the 735  showing just how much steel we actually have in our furnace.

We lift Our Furnaces by the chimney…try that with competitor’s furnaces. In addition our furnaces are built Forklift ready for your convience also!

hooking furnace up to laod 2



Our Furnaces have 6" of insulation on the bottom and are built on legs with extentions available. They're built forklift friendly and also tiedown ready!

Our Furnaces have 6″ of insulation on the bottom and are built on legs with extentions available. They’re built forklift friendly and also tiedown ready!



8997 Shelby Co Rd 368 Emden, MO 63439

Black Creek Welding MAP

Black Creek Welding MAP

View Larger Map and Google Directions!


Acme 235 and 340 PDF Printable Manual 2018lign: center;”>PRINTABLE Information BELOW!


Acme Furnace Printable PDF Manuel


For those who can only Burn Coal in their area Your Manual Link is Below:

Acme Furnace COAL ONLY Printable Operating and Installation Manual PDF


Acme Furnace 235 and 340 Model Printable Brochure 

Acme BIG 735 Furnace Brochure





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