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Acme 735
Acme offers the highest quality outdoor furnace available on the market. They are handmade and we us the strongest rolled plate steel for our firebox an important detail when you compare our furnaces to others. We are contracted with Black Creek Welding to produce the very best, easy to operate Furnace to date. Black Creek Welding is owned and operated by the Hostetler’s , a Mennonite family, with very good morals and Quality second to none. We welcome you to see the furnaces, as they are produced, to see the Quality and Pride that is built into every furnace.


 Here at Acme Furnace Company we offer 3 basic units. Our #235 Furnace, Our #340 Furnace and the Monster #735 Furnace! We can also build a furnace to your specific needs! Check out more details on our Furnace page! Acme offers ever thing you need to get your Furnace up and going with underground piping, heat exchangers, sidearms, extra pumps, shaker grates, boiler treatment and more! We buy in bulk and pass the saving to you!

Acme Furnace has added a new branch of service and products to our Furnace business to help you to continue to get off the grid! Check out our Acme Energy Products on our Solar Page for our new affordable Solar Biomass Hot Water Units and our Solar Well Pumping both fabulous products we are proud to include to the Acme Family!

Acme Furnace Company was started with one goal. Build the Best Quality, Most Affordable Outdoor Furnace on the market. We think we have surpassed that goal!


We have dealerships in many locations.  Check the Dealer Information Page for a list of our dealerships and their localities.

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